Dinosaurs, Wild West, Atlantis... These trips aren't (or wouldn't be, remember that it's all fiction... for now!) for the faint hearted!

Food art is awesome, because you don't just stare at it: you can also enjoy eating something delicious as a reward for your hard work!

Popcorn, space, Adventure Time, animals, even ramen! And they look so nice when they are all laid out on a flat surface together!

Even if you’re a small business owner or a brick and mortar business, you cannot ignore having an online presence and a good marketing strategy. Everyone and everything is going digital and most of your customers are online even if you’re not. Online marketing gives you the opportunity to tap into the huge database of potential customers. And that means increased profits and more business.

We get it: the Instagram generation is all for uploading photos of their faces to the Internet and giving out likes to their friends' like there's no tomorrow.

On the other hand, you might even find that you are a mix of the two types, it's perfectly okay too!

Today we are going to show you how to make this cool effect on Adobe Photoshop, really easy and effective, let’s go!

Freepik · 2 days ago

Her cousin asked her to draw a recipe step by step to learn how to cook a pastry. After finishing her drawing, she realized that it could be turned into a project!

Jesseca Dollano wanted to do something different than just drawing the letters and numbers, and she included some animations to make it a bit more interesting.

Maybe you won't find the most practical apps here (one of them just focuses on coffee!) but they are surely beautiful.

They look delicious but your brain will be confused, because actually biting onto a piece of yarn mustn't be the nicest sensation ever...