As a result, he has ended up with a whole collection of hilarious photos of inanimate objects with eyes, which look as if they were saying something to us.

Playing around with this emulator, you can adjust the parameters so that the sounds change, modifying elements like the palate or the lips to produce entertaining sounds!

Khiterer finds these signs and their uniqueness really interesting, which is why he decided to go out and take these stunning photographs of cats in his hometown.

If you aren't very experienced with chopsticks, you can use these to have your own mindfulness experiment instead! :)

This infographic by Market Inspector shows you 9 very useful tips for building a successful logo for your company.

You will definitely hate watching these hands trying to peel an egg or cut a cake... And all of it going terribly wrong. We dare you not to cringe for 30 seconds!

The poses that he chooses for his illustrations say enough: you can tell that they are true heroes as they are, even without a face! :O

Sometimes, clients fail to understand how difficult work can become for designers... But of course, they can always come to an agreement that makes everyone happy! :)

Color is one of the most powerful elements of graphic design. It speaks to everyone and can be understood at the most primal level. When toddlers begin learning to speak, one of the first things they are taught are the primary colors. From there, colors are used to teach more complicated lessons and concepts. Most people have a favorite color, or color they most identify with. Even animals have shown to be partial to certain colors. The power of color comes from its ability to be universally understood.